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Ante-Natal Classes in Hermanus
About Debby

Debby loves to say that she ONLY has five children. Yes, only five - three daughters and two sons. They range in ages from 22 down to 10

Engelbrecht Family

Back row from left: Timothy, Ashleigh, Jeremy
Front row from left: Debby, Naomi, Martin & Natalie

From childhood Debby has been passionate about birthing and babies. She used to spend her pocket money on baby and parenting magazines!

In 2007, we both (Shirley and Debby) qualified as a accredited WOMBS doulas and Debby is currently a student-midwife, working night-shifts at Hermanus Provincial Hospital and also at Alnisa Maternity home in Cape Town, which is a midwives-run birthing centre for women with low risk pregnancies.


She has also completed numerous breastfeeding courses as well as other neo-natal courses and is constantly expanding and updating her training in this field.

She also has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and an honours diploma in teaching children with Minimal Brain Dysfunction. She is a qualified remedial therapist, who helps children with learning disabilities.

Besides homeschooling her two younger daughters, Debby also offers homeschool assessment testing to South African homeschoolers.

She and her husband, Martin serve on the team of a Christian inner healing ministry, called Touching Hearts and together they have previously done other counselling courses too.

In 2012, Debby was delighted when the midwife who formerly offered ante-natal classes in Hermanus, handed over her practice and all her teaching kit to her, and in partnership with Shirley, Great Expectations Ante-natal Classes was established.

Our goal is to educate, equip and empower new mothers to have positive, life-changing birth experiences and to embrace the high-calling of motherhood with confidence.

We're so passionate, we'll even go through your labour with you!

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