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Make a Baby Sling

Baby SlingFollow these easy instructions to make a homemade baby sling or soft baby wrap in minutes. No need to spend a fortune on a store bought baby carrier. You can do-it-yourself!

Wearing your baby in a sling has been shown to offer many benefits, but especially a huge reduction in the time a baby spends crying!

Not only does it keep your baby close to your heart, literally and emotionally, but it is so convenient: You can hold your baby and be hands free at the same time - that's how this page was typed!

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You will need

Baby Sling Pattern
  • 5 yards* (4.75m) fabric, cut to 30" (75cm) wide
  • scissors
  • sewing machine (optional)


You can use cotton knit or jersey knit (T-shirt type fabric) if you want a stretchy baby wrap or plain cotton fabric or flannel, which will be non-stretch.

Choose the thickness of fabric according to the season.

If you can't sew or don't have a sewing machine, choose a fabric that doesn't fray on the raw edges. If the cut edges do fray, you will have to serge or hem the edges.

If the fabric is 60" (150cm), you can buy half the length required, then half it lengthwise and join it with a centre seam, which is what I did. This makes it easy to find the center when you put on the baby carrier. essentially, your sling is simply a very long rectangular piece of cloth that is about 5 yards x 30 inches (4.75m x 75cm).

Instructions for Wearing

Click here for directions and a set of pictoral Instructions for Wearing Your Baby Sling.

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