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Where will you birth your baby?

The birth venue is possibly one of the most important choices you will have to make, as the venue you choose will limit some of the options that are open to you.

Fetal monitor and IV

Most people probably spend more time researching the purchase of a new sound system or car, than they do on planning their birth and choosing a suitable birth venue!

Many just go along with their caregiver's choice of venue.

The venue will play a big role in determining the type of birth experience you may have.

At one extreme, you may find youself on a hospital 'production line' or on the other, the center of a personal, intimate, customised birth experience in your own home, or you may prefer to be somewhere in-between.

Take a look at some of the Birth Options available and then research the birth venue that will best meet your needs.

Where will you be most comfortable?

Giving Birth Quote

Having a highly trained obstetrical surgeon attend a normal birth is analagous to having a paediatric surgeon babysit a healthy 2-year-old.

Marsden Wagner


It is generally assumed in many western societies, the USA, in particular, that women will give birth in a hospital.

However, hospitals are businesses that are intended to make profits and avoid law suits.

They therefore, have rules and regulations to support this goal, often at a client's expense.

Research shows that there is often no proven benefit for protocols such as linking mothers to monitors, IV's and restricting their movement and freedom to eat and drink during labor.

In fact these interventions may increase the chances of women requiring further interventions, all of which have risks and side-effects for both the mother and baby.

Doctors and hospitals will have limits on things like

  • the number of people you may have present
  • restrictions on eating and drinking in labor
  • availablility of showers or baths, birth balls, birthing stools etc. in the labor ward
  • the length of time for your labor to progress before interventions are begun

Research has shown that it is quite safe for women to give birth in birthing units and at home. You may never have considered these alternatives. Now is the time to investigate these options and the possible benefits they may offer you and your baby. Also investigate the benefits and risks of a hospital birth.

Your options may further be limited by your geographic location and/ or your medical insurance. If you don't live near a midwife-run birth unit, you won't have that option or if your medical insurance won't cover a home birth, you may feel inclined to disregard it.

Be prepared to challenge any institution that does not offer or cover known safe options. It is only through pressure from clients that changes will be made. For example, ask why a hospital does not offer water births, or ask a medical insurance company if they cover midwife and doula fees.

Be aware of being subtly influenced by anyone who may be coaxing you to choose what THEY are comfortable with. Your doctor or midwife may try to manipulate you to choose a venue that suits them.

Know your options, know the benefits of your decision and be prepared to be assertive, if required. You might even need to go as far as choosing a different caregiver. One family even travelled to a different state to get the birth they wanted - and they did!

If you are not satisfied with the options available, try shopping around. Speak to child birth educators in your area. They may be aware of less well-known alternatives that would satisfy your preferences.

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