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Record this momentous event in your life with amazing childbirth pictures and share them using the submission form below.

Newborn baby in mother's arms Baby pictures of taken on your baby's birth day will help you remember forever this precious time, a precious time of intimacy and bonding as a new family with your newborn baby.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so nominate someone to capture the day for you.

Discuss your comfort level with your photographer before the time, so that you are not inhibited or uncomfortable because of his/her presence.

State what sort of camera angles and how much nudity will be acceptable to you.

Here are some suggestions of shots to take for your child birth photo gallery:

  • Take pictures of the venue (in twenty years time they'll bring back fond memories)
  • Pictures of you while you are in labor and giving birthing photos
  • Pictures of your freshly born little one
  • Take pictures of the people who were present at the birth too, especially people that supported you or played a key role, such as your doula, midwife, partner or special friends or family.
  • Take some close ups of those tiny baby hands and feet.
  • Take a shot of baby on the scale (trust me, after a few births, you might forget who weighed what!)
  • Take some intimate baby pictures of baby skin-to-skin on your chest or baby's first feed.
  • Pictures of father and baby as well as baby and any other siblings

Sleeping newborn    Newborn baby toes

Your Childbirth Pictures

Share your happy day by submitting your labor and giving birth photos.

Childbirth Pictures from Other Families

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Instead of struggling to get older siblings to hold your newborn baby and pose for a photo, rather get them to lay down next to the baby or if there are …

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