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Tips for a doula interview

You've researched your birth options and it is time to find a doula in your area, set up a doula interview and choose someone you'd like to hire for your birth.

As the research quoted on this site shows, there are many benefits of a doula supporting a woman in labor. A woman giving birth for the first time especially will benefit from the comfort and reassurance of someone who understands the birth process.

With your partner, plan an interview with the doula. Both you and your partner need to be comfortable with the decision. Remember, this is a big day in his life too and you don't want anyone or anything to spoil it for either of you.

Below are some questions to ask a doula and tips to help you make your choice.

Questions to Ask a Doula

  1. Ask her what training and experience she has had. Many women practice as lay doulas without any qualifications. Ask her if she belongs to a doula organization and if there is a code of conduct.
  2. Ask her about her philosophy of birth. Does her view of the role of natural processes, natural vs. medical intervention line up with your birth wishes?
  3. Will she support your choices laid out in your written birth plan?
  4. Will she be comfortable with your chosen caregiver? How would she deal with a possible conflict situation?
  5. How many times will you meet with or contact her before the birth? The more frequently you meet, the more comfortable you will be in her presence, which will be beneficial during labor.
  6. When and where will she join you in labor? How long will she stay after the birth? One hour after birth is the standard time.
  7. Will she visit you after the birth?
  8. Does she offer any other baby related services such as childbirth classes, breastfeeding support, post partum support, infant massage etc?
  9. Does she have a back-up doula in case she is unable to attend your birth? Can you meet the back-up doula?
  10. What are her fees, payment schedule and refund policies?
  11. Does she have a contract? Since this is a business agreement, a contract should protect both parties.
  12. Ask her if she can give you some referrals and if she does, call them and ask her past clients about their experience with the doula. Find out her strengths and weaknesses.
The doula is going to share an intimate moment in your life, an event that you will never forget, so make sure that you are happy with your choice.

Mothers need to know that their care and their choices won't be compromised by birth politics. - Jennifer Rosenberg

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