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Doula Services Hermanus

We are professional, certified doulas, accredited by WOMBS (Women Offering Mothers Birth Support) which is recognised by the International Childbirth Educators Association.

WOMBS is an organisation representing trained doulas in South Africa who are committed and motivated to promote and protect antenatal support, active labour and birth and provide postnatal support.

Our doula services - Hermanus includes:

Hermanus doulas - Debby Engelbrecht and Shirley Erwee
  • 1 x prenatal visit
  • The entire labour
  • 1 x postnatal visit

Once you go into labour, you need to notify your doula and give her about an hour to get her own family organized so that she can leave them for the duration of your labour. As soon after that as you want her to be with you, she will join you and support you through the whole labour and birth, until one hour after the birth.


1. Initial interview of about an hour - R200.00 fee which will be deducted off the total doula fee of R3 000 should you choose to hire her. If not, you have paid for her time and you can part ways with no hard feelings.

2. Once you make the decision to hire a doula, then a deposit of R1500.00 is payable. The pre-natal visit will be arranged to discuss your birth wishes in detail.

Once the deposit is paid, this means that your doula will take no other booking for two weeks before and a week after your estimated due date. It also means that for that time she will be on standby for your birth - she will not go to Cape Town, shopping at Somerset Mall or camping for the week-end, for example, as she will need to be near to you.

She will also arrange for you to meet her back up doula. Should she experience some crisis or emergency on the day of your birth, then there will be someone to stand in for her. It is unlikely, but it's a scenario we always allow for as life can be unpredictable!

Your doula will do a post-partum visit within a few days of the birth to make sure that you and baby are doing fine.

3.The balance of the fee (R1 500.00) will be due at the post-partum visit, at the latest.

Additional Home Visits

Any further home visits that you may request will be charged for at R250 per hour, but for our ante-natal clients this fee will be reduced to R70 per hour.

Free Telephone Support

You can phone at any time afterwards free if you need help or advice - even at 3am! We want to support you and we would rather be woken if there is a problem than hear afterwards that something happened to upset you or baby and that you didn't want to disturb us!

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