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Pregnancy and Giving Birth QuestionThis website is a work in progress, so if you don't yet find info on a particular topic or about a particular issue, please let us know and ask your question. That way we will know what visitors are looking for and we will try to provide it.

Finding answers is a learning experience that benefits all of us, so its a win-win opportunity.

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Other Visitors' Questions about Pregnancy and Giving Birth

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Good Vaginal Bacteria 
When a baby is born vaginally what are the good bacteria and secretions it receives in the birth canal? Answer A healthy vagina is …

Down Syndrome Risk 
What is the risk of a Down Syndrome baby when a pregnant mother is over 40? I have a friend, age 44, who just discovered that she is expecting her …

Pooping and farting while giving birth Not rated yet
I was pregnant with 4 girls and every birth I would always have a lot of farting and pooping while delivering. Excuse me, is it normal? Answer …

Bleeding in Third Trimester Not rated yet
What is happening when you go 2 the periods while you 8 months pregnant. Is the baby safe or not? Answer Bleeding is always a reason for concern …

Date of conception and due date Not rated yet
I was on birth control for more than 5 years. Dec 29 I got my period and stopped on Jan 1. On Jan 2nd, I started a new pack of birth control, BUT I …

Hair Dye and Pregnancy Not rated yet
Is it harmful to my unborn baby if I dye my hair while pregnant? Answer Firstly, well done for being so diligent as to first check on the safety …

Thrush on Breasts Not rated yet
I think I have thrush. It started with a red patch on my areola. Then it became sore and cracked and it stings like crazy when my baby feeds. What can …

Mastitis Treatment Not rated yet
Question What can I do to relieve mastitis? I have a temperature, pounding headache and my right breast is very sore on the side. I think I have mastitis. …

Elimination Communication Clothing and Equipment Not rated yet
Question What clothing or equipment do you need to practice elimination communication ? What have you found works for you or doesn't work? …

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