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Home Birth Supplies

Practical advice about home birth supplies you should have on hand.

If you are planning to have a midwife-attended home birth, ask your midwife what supplies she will provide and what she would like you to provide.

Some midwives supply their own birth kits. Alternatively, there are online suppliers who ship ready-made kits or you can compile your own at your local stores.

Whether you are hiring a midwife or not, it is a good idea to be well-prepared and to have all the supplies listed on the Unassisted Birth Supplies list, just in case she doesn't make it to your birth in time.

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Home Birth Supplies

Have all items you need for your home birth kit ready about 3 weeks before your expected due date, in case you go into labor earlier than expected.

If you are having a water birth, then make sure you have all you need at hand and that you have tested it out before the time too.

You don't want to find out that the birth pool leaks on D-day!

It is also a good idea to have all your birth supplies for both mother and baby packed in a handy grab-and-go suitcase, bag or container, so that in the event that you may need to transfer to hospital, that they are ready to take along with you.

Have a written or printed copy of your birth plan on hand to take along with you. Hopefully, that scenario won't play out, but rather be safe than sorry!

Finally, make sure you have energy-giving drinks and snacks in stock for you and your birth attendants. Birthing can be hard work for everyone involved!

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