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Mastitis Treatment

by Simone
(South Africa)

Breastfeeding Infant

Breastfeeding Infant


What can I do to relieve mastitis? I have a temperature, pounding headache and my right breast is very sore on the side. I think I have mastitis.


Lactation mastitis is an inflammation of the breast, usually caused by a plugged milk duct.

It is often accompanied by fever and flu-like symptoms.

The first thing to do is to make sure you can get lots of REST.


KEEP WARM- Take a hot shower and get into bed and drink plenty of water or other healthy fluids.

DO NOT stop feeding on the affected breast.

In fact, you should do the opposite and feed as much as possible on that side to help alleviate the mastitis symptoms.

Try some of these Natural Mastitis Remedies and Cures

When I had mastitis once, I had a sore boob and cold shivers from the fever.

I took a hot shower, got into bed, fed my baby on the affected side, had a nap and when I woke I was 100%. Hope you heal that quickly too, but if not, stay in bed and follow the treatment!

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