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Natural childbirth in a hospital (almost)

by Trina
(Lubbock, TX)

When I became pregnant for a third time I knew I was going to try for NUCB again and BY GOLLY I was going to get it right this time! Where I lived there were no birth centers or midwives (they did open a birth center about 3 weeks after this little one was born though).

With my first labor, my water broke at around 8pm. I went to the hospital and they told me by 6am I "needed pitocin" and I had an epidural by 10am (after throwing up all over my dear husband).

With my second I was already getting prepared and informed when we discovered it was twins. My OB did go to bat for me since our local hospital believed in C sections for all twins.

The compromise for a vaginal birth ended up being an epidural and delivering in an OR "just in case". I did however, not need the section so that I counted as a victory.... but I still wanted my NUCB.

I stuck with my OB the third time because of how she stuck with me the last time and she was great.... Here's my almost NUCB birth story:

Ryder Mark
July 2, 2014 @ 1:33 am
8 lbs 15 oz
22 inches long

On 7/1 I went in for OB appointment, NST, & BPP at 40+4 weeks- his fluid was at 5.6, which was above the threshold for bad but barely. His fluid also looked thick, usually a sign of either meconium or blood in the fluid. Since his NST looked good she let me go home and get my stuff and the kiddos off to grandma's.

I got to hospital around 5pm (at 3 cm and high) and, since I wanted no pain meds she just started my pitocin around 6:30pm and I walked around till about 10:15pm trying to get him down. They only upped my pit to 4 in this time out of respect for my wish for minimal meds (since complete NUCB was now out the window)

When my doctor then went to break my water, I was 5cm and 80% effaced -well engaged.

Since we were expecting meconium, we were going to do a saline infusion to try and rinse things out and avoid aspiration meaning me tied to the bed (bleh).
When she broke my water she got a confused look on her face saying it was white, she'd never seen so much vernix! He must have shed most of it very quickly, making it look thick in the BPP. First time for everything right? I meanwhile was praising God for the lack of meconium!

I had to stay around the bed for an hour while the ambulatory monitors charged (worst way to labor for me). And pit was upped to 6.

After the hour the nurse checked me and said I was a bit more than 5cm and could stretch more was also well enough engaged to walk. I sat on the ball a bit while they switched out my monitors and as I stood to go for a walk BAM! Transition.

I was throwing up and shaking so they decided to check me again and I was 7cm and thin in 20 min. Pit upped to 8.
Walking was no longer what I wanted to do so I got in the shower. Soooo much better!

At this point I lost all track of time. Bloody show and more shaking led to another check and I was 8cm and 100% effaced. I crawled onto the bed on all fours, using the back to lean on and was suddenly overwhelmingly feeling the urge to push!

I was trying to breath through the conractions, but my body had other ideas and would push through even the breathing they were telling me to do. Suddenly the emergency call is set off and the room was filled with nurses trying to get me turned over because they feared I might tear up my bottom delivering (I think the nurses didn't think we could deliver "that way") and that the doc might not make it on time. (She was sleeping in an empty room at the other end of the unit.)

Pushing felt so good, while trying not to was terrible. The noises coming out of my mouth were quite primal as well, not out of pain per say but they just felt right (although my poor husband was more than a little overwhelmed by the sound of my screaming - poor guy). Then he was here, four pushes after I flipped over. My perfect baby boy. No tearing either.

You can do it without pain meds and with pit! After delayed cord clamping and cutting, the placenta wouldn't separate and my OB had to sweep my uterus (with her hand eek!)and get it out herself. I did get Stadol for that. But even with that, this recovery was far and away better than with my first 2 epidural births.

Ryder took to nursing much better too.

PS Doulas are awesome!!!! I don't think my husband and I could have done it without her.
I am pregnant again and I plan on a NUCB this time. Praying I can avoid an induction and go completely au naturel this time!

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