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Natural Childbirth in Hospital

by Charlotte Grafton

outside the hospital

outside the hospital

outside the hospital My little cherub now..4 months

I started getting contractions on the Wednesday 6th July. They were quite regular but I was still able to function properly and they were still 7-8 mins apart. They carried on for most the day until it got to midnight when we decided to head to the hospital.

They checked me out and I was only 1 cm dilated at the most and the midwife said, "You could go into labour tommorow or it could be another 2 days (It's a waiting game)."

On the Thursday I was still having contractions but I was that used to it I didn't hardly notice them. I went to the midwife that afternoon and she checked me over and she just said the same: "It could be 2 days it could be another 5!!!"

That evening they started to come stronger and were now every 5-6 mins. I still carried on trying to be normal with some definite screams and winces every so often. Until about 10pm when it started to reduce me to tears, but still I tried to sleep still thinking, "No she isn't coming...just keep going."

All night I was half asleep walking around just praying this was all leading to something!

My mum rang about 6.30 next morning. I explained that actually the contractions could be dying down a bit more. I felt so frustrated as if all that pain I had experienced all through the night was for nothing.

Until an hour later at 7.35am Friday 8th my husband had been to get me a magazine to take to hospital in case she came, when I was lying with my dog on the bed and my waters broke. I ran to the bathroom and got my husband to ring the hospital.

They said, "Stay at home, have a bath get some breakfast and take your time." However my contractions were now coming 3 mins apart, but still I carried on making my porridge until I thought, "No" I felt different and they were 2 mins now. So a quick dash to the hospital(whilst still eating my porridge in between contractions)and when I arrived I was checked over and I was 8cm dilated! "Wow!" I thought.

I went into the birthing suite. They offered me gas and air but I hated it so stopped after 2 mins. I went in the pool but hated that too. It just made me feel very sick and hot but after about 30 mins my husband noticed I was starting to bleed when I contracted so I needed to start pushing. So got I got out and went over to start squatting on the floor and pushing. Then 29 mins later my little Holly-May was passed through my legs into my arms and was born 7lbs 10oz.

The most amazing feeling in the entire world! I relive it in my memory everyday.

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