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Planned Cesarean Section

If you have a medical condition that requires a surgical birth, then these tips for a planned cesarean section can help you prepare for this birth option.

If this was not the option you hoped for, try to view it positively. Sometimes plans have to change. This is not a failure, just a change in your birth plan. A healthy outcome is the most important priority.

If time allows, educate and prepare yourself further for this experience by reading about how best to prepare for and recover from a planned cesarean birth. Get suppport from others who understand what the experience involves.

Tips for a Planned Cesarean Section

  • You need to understand the risks and benefits before you sign a consent form. This is 'informed consent'.
  • Have a written birth plan where your preferences are clearly stated regarding this scenario.
  • Investigate the hospital's policies and procedures in advance. Find a more suitable birth venue if they don't match your wishes on your birth plan.
  • Woman in operating theater
  • Decide what type of anesthesia you would prefer: epidural, spinal or general.
  • Carbo-load on carbohydrates a few days before the cesarean operation. You will not be allowed to eat for some time right before the procedure.
  • Take care of personal hygiene: Wax or shave the top part of your pubic hair if you can before the time. Alternatively take your own shaving gel with you and ask the staff to use it when they shave you, to help prevent discomfort afterwards.
  • Wash your hair, shave your legs and armipts, clip your toe nails (if you can!) and take care of any other personal hygiene the day before or on the day of the cesarean as these tasks will be difficult immediately afterwards.
  • Remove all nail polish and jewellery before the time.
  • Brush your teeth and apply lip ice before the operation.
  • Find out if you need to remove contact lenses.
  • Have your hospital maternity pack ready.
  • Ask if you can have the baby on your chest immediately and if you may breastfeed your baby in theater.
  • Make sure your partner is wearing a button-up shirt so that he can hold the baby skin-to-skin immediately after birth, if you can't.
  • Have all your baby's clothes and other necessities ready before you go to theater and show your partner where they are, so that he can help you care for your new baby.
  • Prepare and plan for your recovery from cesarean as much as possible in advance.

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