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Pregnancy workouts on DVD recommmended for safe exercise during pregnancy and shorter, less painful and easier labors.

Pregnancy Exercises on Ball

As a qualified aerobics instructor, I have always known that there are many benefits to regular exercise during pregnancy and at other times too.

However, when I read the results of research that showed that regular pregnancy exercises may actually result in a shorter, easier labor and other birth benefits, I sat up and took note.

These stats are described on the page Exercise During Pregnancy.

I attended a few pregnancy exercise classes at the local gym, which I loved, but I decided that a home pregnancy exercise DVD would suit my circumstances better.

After researching various pregnancy exercise workouts, I decided on the Preggi Bellies; Exercise for Pregnancy DVD.

My number one reason for choosing this program was safety.

The workout is mainly performed on an exercise ball. This makes the exercises very safe for protecting the lower back. Aerobic exercise classes are known for straining the muscles of the lower back and with the increased arch of the spinal column during pregnancy, this should definitely be avoided.

The Preggi Bellies pregnancy exercises have been professionally designed by two women who are both mothers and physiotherapists.

It is a balanced, all-round pregnancy exercise workout including a warm up, cardio-vascular exercise component, strength training, endurance, core stability exercises, toning exercises and stretching.

The pregnancy exercise class was filmed with a group of pregnant women and is suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced participants.

Alternative exercises are clearly demonstrated and good explanations regarding the execution and function of various exercises are given.

The workout is also recommended as a post-natal exercise regime, while your body returns to its pre-pregnant state.

Preggi Bellies pregnancy workouts are also recommended by obstetricians, gynaecologists and physiotherapists.

There are many benefits from using an exercise ball during labor.

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