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Thrush on Breasts

by Summer

I think I have thrush. It started with a red patch on my areola. Then it became sore and cracked and it stings like crazy when my baby feeds.

What can I do to get rid of it? I would prefer a natural remedy as I don't really want to put chemicals of any kind on my body, especially where it will affect my baby.

So far my baby seems unaffected, but what should I do if she gets thrush in her mouth?


Thrush is a yeast infection that sometimes thrives when conditions are right in our bodies.

On the breast, some good natural remedies for thrush to try are:

  1. dry your areola area of the breast after each feed and go braless as much as possible

  2. wash all your bras with a good disinfectant (vinegar is a natural one) and then hang them to dry in the sun so you don't keep re-infecting yourself with contaminated underwear

  3. swab the area with a little vinegar or diluted vinegar. This stings like crazy but it upsets the pH level in which the infection is thriving

  4. place some plain yoghurt on a breast pad inside your bra. Yoghurt contains a natural bacteria that will keep the yeast growth in check.

You can also let baby suck a little yoghurt off your finger after each feed to counter the thrush in his/her mouth.

There are other remedies for thrush but the above are tried and tested and have worked.

Other visitors are welcome to share their remedies using the 'comments' function.

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