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Twin girls

by Trixy

My twin girls moving around in my belly (14 weeks)

My twin girls moving around in my belly (14 weeks)

I was just laying down in my bed when my twin girls started moving around in my belly. My son took a picture of my belly. My girls are very active inside me, in the picture you can see baby A's head to the lower left of my belly & baby B's butt to the lower right of my belly.

When I was watching my belly there was a lot of movement going on so my belly wasn't round during that time. I just love feeling my girls move around inside me & during all this movement I felt their heads, feet, butt & elbows. I also love having a big round belly & the way it feels, I still love my babies inside me but what I like most of all is how big my belly gets.

I usually feel movement like this a lot, sometimes they move fast sometimes they move slow but they will move like that for a few hours. From what I was feeling they were trying to get my attention, first baby A's head was a few inches below my belly button then she started flipping around & somehow her butt ended up on the lower left side of my belly, her head was right next to my belly button. In this picture I was 14 weeks & I'll look back at this after my girls are born & I'll say, "This is you in mommy's tummy moving around".

I hope I carry them a few weeks overdue so I can keep them in my belly a little bit longer. I hope they stay in my belly till at least 42 weeks. After I have them my belly will only look that big for a few weeks and when that happens I'll miss all of the moving around but I'll have my babies in my arms.

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