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The following is a list of basic unassisted birth supplies recommended by experienced unassisted homebirthers. You should also take a look at the generic birth supplies list and make your own customised list.

  • Vitamin E *800 ui
  • Arnica 30x
  • Comfortable bra
  • T-shirt
  • Socks, slippers
  • Maternity pads
  • Maternity underwear (mesh panties)
  • Birth ball (optional but recommended)
  • Towel
  • Course salt - for perineal healing
  • Breast pads

  • Anti-bacterial soap for washing hands
  • Gloves
  • Camera / Video camera (batteries charged)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Watch or clock - for timing contractions
  • Printed copy of the booklet Emergency Childbirth.
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  • Plastic covering or newspaper
  • Hydrogen peroxide in case of blood stains on carpet
  • Garbage bags

  • Waterproof cover
  • Sheet
  • Disposable linen savers/chux pads

Bathroom / Planned venue for birth candle
  • Music
  • Soft lighting / candles
  • Bowl of hot water and oil (for perineal compresses)
  • Warm cloths/ towels/ cloth diapers
  • Bowl for placenta
  • Tissues
  • Soft, double-ply toilet paper
  • Ice pack
  • Hot water bottle
  • Hand mirror

  • Bulb syringe
  • Cord clamps / new sterile shoelaces / dental floss
  • Sharp scissors (sterilized)
  • Surgical spirits (for cord care)
  • Cotton wool
  • Basin warm water / baby bath
  • New face cloth, towel
  • Blanket, diapers, hat, babygro
  • Tape measure
  • Scale

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