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Hi, we are Riaan and Shirley Erwee and as you can see, we are not your average couple, nor an average family.

Erwee family

The Erwee family

Riaan is a self-employed entrepeneur. That's the short version. The most interesting thing about him, related to this website, is that he is a dad who catches his babies himself!

Answers to FAQ's

No, we don't have a TV!
(We watch DVD's on the PC instead.)

No, we're not Catholic!
(We don't even agree on our faith.)

Who knows if 'we're finished' yet!

Yes, we know what causes babies!

None of your business!

We were expecting our sixth baby when we started this website in July 2010. He was born in September 2010 - so we have now shared five unassisted homebirths together. Only our first child was born in a hospital.

Shirley is a stay-at-home, work-at-home homeschooling mother and internet "infopreneur".

This site was born from my passion for encouraging women to make good, informed choices regarding their pregnancy and births.

I know that not every woman will make the same choices as we have made, but as long as woman are informed and empowered, they will be equipped to do what's best for them and their circumstances.

I believe that, although in our society, it has little glamour and no pay, that motherhood is a high calling. It is a role that requires thoughtful choices and planning, so that women can find fulfillment in motherhood and bless their children in the way they nurture and parent them.

A good pregnancy and an empowered birth experience will help women embrace this calling more enthusiastically.

Happy birth memories will last a lifetime!

Having enjoyed researching and experiencing childbirth, I undertook doula training and qualified as an accredited WOMBS doula in 2007. A doula is a childbirth companion - someone who provides information about birthing options, who supports a woman giving birth emotionally and also provides non-medical comfort measures for pain relief during labor.

In 2012, I started teaching ante-natal classes in Hermanus, in partnership with a colleague, in order to share my passion with pregnant mothers and their partners.

I view this website primarily as an extension of that role - to help women be informed, empowered and equipped for pregnancy and giving birth as well as nurturing and parenting their babies afterwards.


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