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Ante-Natal Classes in Hermanus

Join your hosts, Shirley Erwee and Debby Engelbrecht every Thursday evening for the most up-to-date information and research, practical tips and preparation for giving birth and parenting your new baby.

ante-natal classGreat Expectations is a collaboration between a certified doula and a midwife/doula, namely, Shirley Erwee and Debby Engelbrecht respectively. We are both passionate about helping pregnant couples to become better informed about the options for childbirth and baby care so that they can be empowered to make good choices. We have been offering our 8-week course since July 2012.

Classes are informal and fun, promoting new friendships and support. They are held on Thursday evenings 19h00-22h00 in Onrus.

Lessons include teaching, DVDs, practical demonstrations, question and answer sessions, testimonies and birth stories from past clients and more. <.p>

Parents also receive a goodie bag each week, with samples of baby products and a certificate on completion of the course.

Briefly the 8 week Great Expectations childbirth education course covers the following topics and more:

  • Module 1 – Unveiling our Perceptions of Birth

  • Module 2 – Stages of Labour and Birth

  • Module 3 – Pain Relief Options and Interventions

  • Module 4 – Caesarean Birth & Recovery

  • Module 5 – Girl’s Night – Health and Emotional Well-being in Pregnancy

  • Module 6 – Breastfeeding

  • Module 7 – Bathing & Baby Care at Home

  • Module 8 – Infant First Aid, CPR, Vaccinations & Parenting 101

Class time includes discussions, dvds, notes, practical activities, plus samples of baby products and lucky prizes will also be handed out.

baby bathing

Demonstration of how to bath a live newborn baby

Classes are informal and fun, promoting new friendships and us to sign up and equip yourself with confidence in your role as your baby's parents.

Every Thursday evening 19h00-22h00 in Onrus.

Booking Essential - Contact us for prices, venue and other info.

Debby Engelbrecht
Cell 082 500 2218
Tel 028-3164880

Shirley Erwee
Cell 084 506 6474
Tel 028-3121024

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