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Women Giving Birth

This childbirth video gallery shows various types of birthing options or methods, from vaginal birth video clips in hospital settings, midwife-attended home birth videos, unassisted child birth videos, VBAC, HBAC, caesarean births, twin births and more.

They have been carefully selected to be informative, educational and inspirational.

As Janet Balaskas, author of Active Birth says,

"Many women have never seen a birth or even held a baby by the time they enter motherhood.

The natural skills of giving birth and mothering are no longer handed down from woman to woman, generation to generation."

Most people in our modern society have only ever seen childbirth on TV. Typically the movies show women giving birth in extreme pain, sweating, swearing and screaming in dramatic, almost emergency circumstances.

Hopefully these videos will give you a more realistic view of what giving birth is really like and help you to make an informed decision about the kind of birth YOU would like to achieve.

WARNING - many of these child birth videos are very graphic, showing nudity, blood and other sensitive birthing video footage.

Vaginal Birth Video Clips - in a hospital setting

Quote on Giving Birth

We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful.

It's that women are strong.

- Laura Stavoe Harm

Home Birth Videos

Waterbirth Videos

Underwater Birth Videos

Unassisted Childbirth Videos

Live Birth Video - Caesarean Birth Videos

Birth Video Slideshows - Twins and Multiples

Child Birth Videos of VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

VBACs after CPD (Cephalo-pelvic Disproportion)

Birth Video Submissions - submitted by visitors to this site


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