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Pregnancy Photography Tips

Be inspired by these pregnancy photography tips and get ideas for your own pregnancy and birth pictures.

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Explore the pregnancy and childbirth pictures of others to get new ideas and please share YOUR pregnancy photos and child birth pictures using the submission form on the Pregnancy Pictures page.

We'd love to see and hear how you and your maternity photographer got creative!

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Before you do a pregnancy photo shoot, do a bit of planning and discuss your ideas and your comfort levels with your maternity photographer, whether it is a friend, partner or professional.

Tips for DIY Pregnancy Photos

  • For really beautiful pregnancy and birth pics, try using different lighting and unusual camera angles.

  • Decide what poses you like and how much skin you want to show and how intimate you want the photos to be. Would you be comfortable with semi-nudity or not?

  • Carefully choose what you will wear and experiment with different fabrics for effect.

  • Experiment in different venues - out in a field, at the beach, in a bath tub, against an interesting building etc.

  • Use some props to create interest such as a bicycle, flowers, ice-cream cone, sports equipment etc.
  • Include other family members such as your partner or other siblings in the pregnancy belly pictures.
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