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Newborn Baby Care
Choices for Your Baby

This section focuses on newborn baby care and the options every mother-to-be must investigate to make good decisions for her baby.

Sweet newborn babyLong before your newborn baby is birthed into this world, you need to research and make evidence-based decisions on how you would like your baby to experience her first moments in this world.

Research has shown that at birth a baby's brain is highly receptive to sensory input, both positive and negative and the first moments and hours after birth are critical for the 'wiring' of the networks in the brain.

Experience shapes the way the brain is wired and this can potentially have a life-long impact on the child's psychological development and physical health in later life.

To ensure that your baby's first experiences of life outside the womb are as positive as can be, be sure to find out the risks and benefits of any routine procedures performed at your chosen birth venue. Of course, if you are planning a home birth you will have greater control and freedom to ensure that your wishes are followed.

Procedures to Investigate

Skin-to-skin contact

Skin-to-skin Contact
The simple act of placing a newborn baby on her mother's bare chest immediately after birth stabilizes the baby, reduces crying, improves mother-baby interaction and enables mothers to breastfeed successfully and for much longer! Click for more...

Kangaroo Mother Care

Kangaroo Mothercare
The transition from inside the womb to the outside world is a dramatic experience for a newborn.
Read how kangaroo mother care can affect the way a baby perceives the world and promote optimal brain development.

  • cord clamping
  • suctioning
  • application of eye-drops
  • weighing
  • bathing
  • vitamin K injection
  • vaccinations
  • blood tests
  • circumcision of boys
  • rooming-in or separation
  • baby feeding policy

More About Newborn Baby Care


Wearing your baby in a baby wrap, baby sling or other soft carrier offers many benefits to babies. Studies show that babies that are carried a lot cry significantly less than babies that are not carried.
Instructions for Wearing Your Baby Sling

Baby Massage

Baby Massage
Using regular massage you can develop a strong parent-child bond with your infant from an early age.
Baby massage also has many other benefits for BOTH the parent and the baby, including relief from fussy babies.

Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication
Discover the ancient practice of elimination communication or natural infant hygiene, reduce your diaper consumption dramatically and save a bundle of money at the same time.
Also read how to Start Elimination Communication in Four Steps

Classical Music for Babies

Free Classical Music for Babies
Play this online classical music to your unborn baby or your newborn to help stimulate her auditory environment.
Gentle music is known to have a soothing effect on both adults and infants alike!

Coming Soon

Mother and Newborn Baby
  • Breastfeeding
  • Attachment Parenting
  • Sleeping
  • Immunisation
  • Early Toothcare
  • Baby Sign Language
  • Diapers


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