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Quote on Giving Birth

Childbirth is a time when a woman's power and strength emerge full force, but it is also a vulnerable time, a time of many changes presenting opportunities for personal growth.

- Annamarie van Oploo

As you read the many and varied birth experiences of other women, you will learn that there are many variations of 'normal' natural childbirth.

You will learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others and hopefully get a more accurate idea of what giving birth could actually be like.

We've all seen ER and heard so many horror stories - and some of those are real - but as this website seeks to show, if the processes of labor and giving birth are left undisturbed, birthing is usually peaceful, gentle and uncomplicated.

Shirley's Birthing Stories

Baby #1 - Natural Unmedicated Hospital Birth

Baby #4 - Unassisted Homebirth

Baby #5 - Unassisted Home Birth

Baby #6 - Unassisted Child Birth

More Birthing Stories

Big Baby - Vaginal Birth of 16 Pound Baby

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Share your joy and triumph or the lessons that you learned through giving birth to your baby.

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Birth Stories of Other Visitors

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Natural childbirth in a hospital (almost) Not rated yet
When I became pregnant for a third time I knew I was going to try for NUCB again and BY GOLLY I was going to get it right this time! Where I lived there …

Natural Childbirth in Hospital Not rated yet
I started getting contractions on the Wednesday 6th July. They were quite regular but I was still able to function properly and they were still 7-8 mins …

Unassisted Childbirth #2 Not rated yet
On Friday, May 31, 2002 I called Steve about 4:30PM and asked how his afternoon was going. He told me he had a bit more to do, but wouldn’t be too much …

Unassisted Childbirth #1 Not rated yet
At 3:50 AM on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, my water broke. However, not having had a single contraction, I thought maybe I wet my bed! My husband, who …

SROM Unassisted Childbirth  Not rated yet
Successful 2nd UBAC birth story,VBAC Jakarta, Indonesia Dalam bahasa indonesia silakan request ke I had a successful …

Natural Childbirth Story Not rated yet
My first daughter was born Feb 4th 2009. I had a very normal pregnancy and I knew I wanted a natural birth. I started having contractions at about …

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