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Natural Birth Options
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Don't be 'laid back' when it comes your birth!

Pick the option YOU really want for your baby.

Natural Birth Options

woman planning When planning her wedding, a bride-to-be would never take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to planning her big day.

She would never let someone else dictate her choice of options.

Yet, when it comes to planning an event equally as memorable, so many women are literally laying back and let others manage their babies' births!

In Western society, birth is viewed as a medical event that should be conducted in an intensive care setting, managed with modern high-tech equipment.

In general, natural birth - unmedicated, seems to be a rare phenomenon in most hospitals and sadly, many obstetricians have never had the opportunity to see a truly natural birth!

There seems to be a shift in cultural beliefs occuring, with the message that: vaginal birth is risky, medical intervention is required and that cesarean birth, especially elective cesarean is safe.

However, in the USA, where about one in three births are cesareans, the maternal mortality rate is reported to be at its 'highest in decades'. The increase in the number of caesarean sections is considered to be a factor affecting this increased maternal mortality rate. (Click here for a list of Risks of Cesarean)

Pregnant women need to rise up, literally, and take responsibility for their births.

Women need to stop being passive patients and become active birth-givers.

Western women need to research and investigate natural birth options that challenge the whole technocratic approach to giving birth in our society.

Research conducted recently in the private maternity sector in South Africa showed:

  • Only 10% of mothers/couples researched birth options
  • 67% had caesarean births (acceptable rate should be 18%)
  • 33% had vaginal births
  • 19% were induced
  • Most birthed in semi-reclining back-lying position at request of staff, not by their own choice.
  • Epidural was the preferred method for pain relief.
  • Only 3,4% of births were attended by a doula.
(Source: Childbirth Educators' Forum)

The pages listed below are intended to help you make informed choices about natural birth options before you write your birth plan.

Vaginal Birth

Vaginal Birth

The Benefits of Vaginal Birth

Vaginal Birth Video Clips

Water Birth

water birth

Water Birth

Risks and Benefits of Giving Birth in Water

Plan a Water Birth

Waterbirth Videos

Underwater Birth Videos

Home Birth

home birth

Reasons for a Home Birth

Home Birth Safety

Plan a Birth at Home

Home Birth Supplies

Home Birthing Videos

Home Birth Stories

Unassisted Childbirth

unassisted home birth

Unassisted Childbirth

Unassisted Birth Tips

Unassisted Birth Supplies

Unassisted Childbirth Videos

Unassisted Birth Stories

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), Twins and Multiples

VBAC Info & Safety

VBAC Risks and Benefits vs Cesarean

VBAC Videos

VBACs after CPD (Cephalo-pelvic Disproportion)

Videos of Births of Twins and Multiples


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