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Big Baby Birth Story
Vaginal Birth of 16 Pound Baby

The following big baby birth story was published in a South African newspaper in 2007

Cape Town Woman Gives Birth to 7,3kg Baby

Cape Town, South Africa, 06 March 2007 04:55

An Elsies River resident gave birth to a 7,3kg [16.09lb] girl at Tygerberg Hospital on Friday, believed to be the largest in the hospital's history.

The Cape Argus reported on Tuesday that Cathleen Abels said her family members were "generally big people" - but that even she had been amazed at baby Chesner's size.

Abels, who opted for natural birth, said: "It was very sore, but I'm just happy she was born and that she was OK - I was shocked when I saw how big she was. I never expected it."

Chesner was almost three times the size of the premature babies in her ward. She was in the ward for help with her breathing, the newspaper said.

Nursing staff said the baby was the biggest to be born at the hospital, which will turn 30 this year.

Abels said she was told she was carrying twins on regular check-ups during her pregnancy. - Sapa

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