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These home birth videos show a woman giving birth in a squatting position and good emotional support by birth partners and attendants.

WARNING - these are very graphic chilbirth videos!

Giving birth is something a woman does, not merely something that happens to her.

Quote on Giving Birth

The majority of labors, managed well should be uncomplicated. No special equipment is needed and the birth can take place in the simplest environment...

- Janet Balaskas, Active Birth

In these natural childbirth videos you will see how the women are actively taking responsibility for the birth of their babies.

In a society that generally views giving birth as a medical event that requires supervision and tampering with, many women decide to avoid this by planning a home birth.

Home births are usually attended by a midwife and doula, but some couples even choose the intimacy of an unassisted childbirth at home.

Home Birth in Squatting Position

This video shows a home birth attended by a midwife.

Easy Home Birth

Here a mother has great support from her birth attendants and her family. This home birth video was captured by the mother's 12 year old son!

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