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Baby Sling Instructions

These baby sling instructions will show you how to put on your sling and wear your baby.

If wearing a sling is new to you, it may take a couple of times to practice using this baby wrap, but it is by far the most comfortable baby carrier I have used, if you plan to wear your baby for extended periods.

The baby's weight is distributed over both shoulders, and the fabric of the baby sling can be adjusted to relieve any discomfort after a while.

This baby sling pattern is also the most secure baby wrap that I have used. I can bend to the floor if necessary without baby falling out!

Baby Sling Instructions in Photos

Baby Wrap1. Find the center of the baby sling and place it across your front, then cross each side of the wrap over your back and shoulders and let them hang down in front as shown (left).

2. Pop your baby into the pouch in front and pull the edge of the wrap to tighten it under your one arm, then pull the other side similarly, until it fits securely. (right)

Pulling on the other edge will tighten around the bottom under the baby. Adjust the fit until it is firm and comfortable.

Baby Sling 3. Cross the ends over your baby's back in front of you and under his buttocks securely and then wrap them around your body. Make sure the wrap is snugly wrapped around your baby's shoulders and buttocks.
In these photos, my baby was fussing and kicking. In the two pictures below, he was calm, settled and sleeping!

4. Tie the ends in a knot at the back.

Baby carrier5. You can either keep the crossed over pieces over your baby for extra warmth and head support, if necessary, (left) or you can pull them down on either side of him for a cooler style (right).

With older babies, you may prefer to let their legs dangle out below the wrap.

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