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Bleeding in Third Trimester

by Angel Belle
(South Africa Soweto Zola 1)

What is happening when you go 2 the periods while you 8 months pregnant. Is the baby safe or not?


Bleeding is always a reason for concern and you should get to a healthcare provider to have a professional examination as soon as possible. Don't delay!

You need to look at how much you are bleeding and the colour of the discharge.

Bright red bleeding needs immediate attention.

Spotting during pregnancy might be a sign of preterm labour, which means labour before 37 weeks. Other symptoms may include period-like cramping, leaking amniotic fluid, back-ache, changes in vaginal discharge or an increase in pelvic pressure.
Preterm labour may pose health risks and so you need to see a caregiver as soon as possible.

Bleeding may also indicate a problem with the placenta, which can be very serious for the health of the baby as it is the placenta that delivers oxygen to the baby in utero.

Placental abruption, where the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus may cause bleeding as may placenta praevia, which is the term used for a low lying placenta.

Either of these require immediate medical attention as they may pose risks to both the mother and the baby.

A slimy, mucousy discharge streaked with blood or pink or brown streaks,may be a sign that you have 'lost your plug' and that the cervix is starting to dilate, which means you are in early labour.

Some women also sometimes experience a small bloody discharge after intercourse.

In my 5th pregnancy I experience bright red bleeding after 16 weeks. Thinking I was miscarrying I went to the doctor and while waiting to see her the bleeding, which had lasted a few hours stopped. She did a scan, found nothing wrong and told me it could have been a burst vein in the vaginal canal, similar to a nose bleed. It never happened again.

It showed me that not all bleeding is life-threatening, but you should always assume it could be and get medical attention before it is too late.

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